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Liberal Voting Record

15 Years Climbing the Political Ladder, Ignoring the People

Career politician who has banked $1.3 million from taxpayers and thousands in gifts from special interest lobbyists

Ranked one of the most liberal Republicans in America and the 2nd most liberal “conservative” in the Georgia delegation (Georgia Recorder)

Voted with Nancy Pelosi over 800 times in Congress and with Stacey Abrams over 300 times in the Georgia General Assembly

Earned “F” Rating by the Conservative Review (Conservative Review)

Funded Common Core in Georgia, Barack Obama’s amnesty plan, and dangerous sanctuary cities (Conservative Review, NumbersUSA)

Voted for every big government, big spending budget championed by Barack Obama (Roll Call Vote #563, 12/11/14; Roll Call Vote #705, 12/18/15; Roll Call Vote #573, 9/28/16)

Took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Tech companies and then protected them from investigation in Congress (Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson)

Worked with radical Stacey Abrams to undermine 2nd Amendment Rights in Georgia and put violent criminals back on the streets (Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner, Georgia General Assembly)