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Before morphing into a full-time career politician, Doug Collins was a criminal defense attorney who put his paycheck above public safety. As a partner at Collins & Csider, Collins worked around the clock to keep his clients out of jail. The firm marketed their services directly to vile criminals online and promised to “shoulder that burden” for murderers, rapists and childabusers:

Collins came through for his criminal clients, successfully securing reduced or dismissed charges for several accused of armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. Several of Collins’ most notorious criminal clients became repeat offenders.
In 2009, Doug defended Danny Clore on charges of meth distribution and marijuana possession. The meth charge was dismissed, and the marijuana charge was discharged (thanks, Doug!). Unfortunately, Danny went on to commit more crimes, including aggravated assault, illegal possession of a firearm and obstructing a police officer. In 2015, Danny led the police on a high-speed chase after shooting at two vehicles with passengers inside. When the police finally caught and arrested Danny, he was found in possession of meth.

Obviously, Danny Clore should never have been on the streets. But thanks to Doug Collins, Danny slipped justice to commit more crimes and put Georgia families at risk.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, it’s clear that Georgians cannot trust D.C. Doug to keep them safe. There’s only one law-and-order conservative in this race, and that’s Kelly Loeffler.

Since 2017, Doug Collins has received a total of $124,000 from Big Techcompany PACs (special interests) via his campaign and his leadership PAC. This sum includes:

  • $35,000 from Comcast
  • $30,000 from Microsoft
  • $25,000 from Google

Collins has also received nearly $28,000 from employees of Big Tech companies and trade associations. When combining his recently received donations with his record over the last decade, he has received a grand total of $222,025 from Big Tech special interests. No wonder D.C. Doug Collins opposes investigations seeking to break up Big Tech monopolies. Doug’s defense of Big Techcompanies is especially ridiculous when considering their demonstrated history of censoring conservatives, including President Trump.

In the Georgia Legislature, Doug Collins voted hundreds of times in the State House with radical liberal Stacey Abrams to raise taxes on Georgia families, harm businesses and restrict personal liberties.

Here are the Top Ten highlights of their long relationship:

    1. The Hug. Enough said.
      Doug and Stacey
    2. Doug was a character in Stacey’s Romance novel, Reckless, in which he appears as an annoying—but loveable lawyer.
    3. Just before Valentine’s Day this year, Doug sent Stacey a virtual candygram when he called her “his good friend” and said he “could pick up the phone right now and call her and she would answer.” Awe.
    4. The Hug (+Kiss) Part 2.
    5. In 2008, Doug co-sponsored Stacey’s legislation, HB1298, that made it easier for violent criminals to avoid jail time. Yikes. Is anyone surprised this terrible, reckless bill didn’t pass?
    6. At yes—another—voting rights hearing in 2019, Doug told Stacey: “You are just as good as I remember.” High praise!
    7. Maybe that’s why Doug co-sponsored eight pieces of legislation with Stacey while they served in the Georgia Legislature together?
    8. Or the fact that between 2007-2008, they voted together 336 times?
    9. Maybe they both just happened to have a lot of the exact same ideas? Neither Doug nor Stacey really care much for the right to keep and bear arms. In 2010, Doug voted for Stacey’s amendment to SB308 to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights.
    10. And both of these lovebirds REALLY like tax increases. They teamed up in 2009 to vote for HR206, the “largest tax increase in Georgia history.”

Doug Collins talks a big game when it comes to support of President Trump. But the facts show that he hasn’t always been a fan of Donald Trump—and has even publicly doubted the President.

The truth is, Donald Trump wasn’t Doug Collins’ first choice for President. In fact, Congressman Collins refused to say if he would support Donald Trump on the eve of the 2016 Republican Convention—even refusing to say if he thought Trump was a conservative.

To make matters even more complicated for Collins, he failed to defend Donald Trump when he was under attack by the radical left. He even joined the Democrats and media in undermining the President’s agenda to keep Americans safe.

Doug Collins talks a big game about fighting for President Trump’s agenda, but he refused to say if he would even vote for the President the day before the 2016 Republican National Convention, and has a history of praising well-known RINO Senator Mitt Romney.