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Doug Collins is a career politician who will say or do anything to get elected. Is he a conservative? Of course not. He just plays one on TV.

For nearly two decades, Collins has partnered with liberal Democrats to raise taxes, spend recklessly, and undermine our conservative values.

In the State House, Collins voted with former Minority Leader and failed candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, over three hundred times. They hiked taxes on cars, guns, marriage, and farmers, and even backed the “largest tax increase in Georgia history.” HR 206, House Vote # 105, 3/3/2009

Collins and Abrams worked together to advance gun control measures that would compromise our 2nd Amendment Rights. (Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner, 4/20/10; SB 308, Georgia House Of Representatives, Accessed 3/5/20; Macon Telegraph, 4/23/10;HB 1055, Georgia House Of Representatives, Accessed 3/5/20)

The former criminal defense lawyer also co-sponsored Abrams’ legislation that makes it easier for violent criminals to avoid jail time.

With such a liberal record in the State House, it’s no surprise that Collins sided with President Obama on amnesty (Roll Call Vote #563, 12/11/14) (Vote Alert: House: $1.1T Bill That Funds Executive Amnesty, Conservative Review, 9/17/14); (“NumbersUSA to grade CRomnibus vote as a vote for Amnesty,” NumbersUSA, 12/9/14) and sanctuary cities. (Roll Call Vote #563, 12/11/14)(Vote Alert: House: $1.1T Bill That Funds Executive Amnesty, Conservative Review, 9/17/14) (“NumbersUSA to grade CRomnibus vote as a vote for Amnesty,” NumbersUSA, 12/9/14)

He’s just not who you think he is.

For almost two decades, career politician Doug Collins repeatedly voted with Democrats for wasteful spending, huge tax increases, and massive budgets that skyrocketed our national debt.

In the State House, he repeatedly voted with Democrats like Stacey Abrams to increase taxes on Georgia’s families and businesses – and supported nearly $65 million in earmarks that were vetoed by multiple Republican governors. Collins backed higher taxes on cars, guns, marriage, and farmers. He even joined with left-wing Democrats to back what some called “the largest tax increase in Georgia history.” (HR 206, House Vote # 105, 3/3/2009)

After being elected to Congress, he took his tax-and-spend philosophy to the nation’s capital.

Doug Collins was an early supporter of Barack Obama, voting to pass ALL of Obama’s big government budgets. (Roll Call Vote # 563, 12/11/14; Roll Call Vote # 705, 12/18/15)

But his latest ally is Nancy Pelosi – with whom he has worked to increase the national debt by $2.5 trillion and increase spending by $300 billion last year alone.

What kind of “conservative” funds congressional wine tastings and a bailout for Puerto Rico? Sadly, Doug Collins.

Doug Collins is the ultimate career politician. He’s been in office for nearly 15 years, climbing the ranks, guided by political ambition.

During that time, he’s collected over $1.3 million in taxpayer-funded paychecks.

He’s taken tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and meals from well-connected insider lobbyists.

Collins has also repeatedly opposed term limits for members of Congress, working hard to keep his own taxpayer-funded job. In May, Collins doubled down on his opposition to term limits saying: “It’s time to stop worrying about bumper sticker answers such as term limits.” (Doug Collins interview with Alana Austin, Gray TV, May 6, 2020)

15 years in politics, earning $1.3 million in taxpayer funds

Cozy with special interest lobbyists and liberal Democrats

Politically ambitious but no record of accomplishments

Doug Collins has made a career out of putting the interests of criminals before the safety of law-abiding Georgians – building a weak-on-crime record that is dangerous for Georgia.

As a criminal defense attorney, Doug Collins professionally partnered with criminals to help them evade the law – fighting to get drug dealers, domestic abusers, kidnappers and robbers out of prison.

Thanks to his efforts, dozens of criminals were returned to the streets – where they went on to commit even worse crimes in communities across North Georgia.

Before fighting for criminals in the courts, Doug Collins fought for them in the legislature – using his position as an elected official to weaken criminal law and criminal penalties.

When he thought no one was looking, he even sided with Barack Obama to fund sanctuary cities, increase foreign worker quotas, and grant amnesty for illegal immigrants.

And worst of all, he sought to roll back our constitutional right to protection – voting to increase fees on firearm licenses in Georgia.

Instead of fighting for law-abiding Georgians, Doug Collins consistently fought to give Georgia’s criminals the upper hand.